From Jennifer Sordyl: Welcome to the great world of fiddling!  It's not just for children, I accept adult students, too.

Early childhood violin education is a wonderful family experience. I use teaching techniques gleaned from the Suzuki Violin Method, incorporating parent participation & listening. Students learn in a no stress, fun, yet challenging environment. Parents are an integral part of the process, attending classes and becoming the 'at-home' teacher.

Students and their parents are shown everything they need to know to start playing the violin. Progress is as quick as each person’s individual pace. Children can start learning to play the fiddle as early as 3 yrs old. [Or at any other age.] Very young children learn to hold a pretend violin and bow first. When your child has mastered the basic foundation of holding the box (pretend violin) & bow, then they’re ready for a real violin. Homeschool families are welcome. Adults also enjoy working with me as I am very patient while teaching.

For our purposes, the instrument is considered to be a violin or a fiddle. They’re really the same thing, it’s just the style of music that varies.

 I rent violins in all sizes. I also offer a selection of violins for sale. [Be wary of ordering a cheap import violin off of the internet!]

Every week beginning students receive one 30 minute private lesson. Lesson fees are $22 for a half hour lesson, payable in advance, by the month. For longer lesson times I charge $26 for 45 minutes and $31 for one hour. If your instrument needs setting up, we'll schedule a one hour appointment the first lesson. To be clear, I teach weekly lessons, not random lesson times. I set aside your lesson time for you each week and expect you to keep your commitment, as I will. This motivates you, dear student, to practice and be ready each week to learn something new.

Parents are given specific guidelines for at home practice. You and your child will learn how to tune the violin, how to hold it, play it and take care of it. You will also learn fun games to play and songs to sing.

As the parent, you are responsible for overseeing your child’s practice. It’s important to include daily practice in your family routine. Even just 15 minutes a day of focused playing will pay off in success. As your child advances, keep in mind that the practice time needs to increase incrementally. When your child is more advanced, they will progress to a longer lesson time, as well.

Listening to and viewing the teaching materials in the repertoire is an integral part of the training. It’s required include listening and viewing the recordings & videos in your daily activities. 

Generally, new students begin with "the Twinkles" and advance to the American Fiddle Method Book 1 from there.  After the basics are established, we learn Celtic fiddle music, and/or any other style you desire.