Studio Policy

I offer lessons once a week, which equals four or five lessons a month. Fees are payable in advance, by the month. You can pay with Paypal, check, made out to Jennifer Sordyl, or cash. 

You are responsible for messaging or emailing me to cancel a lesson at least 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE, and for scheduling make up lessons, if needed. You can also download the app and cancel directly on the website. You will be charged for missed lessons if you do not cancel in advance. I have set aside that lesson time for you and I request that you honor our lesson time.

Parents, do not wait until your child’s lesson time is over to bring up a point of discussion with me. This can be a problem for the next student scheduled after your lesson time. Instead, either discuss your thoughts at the beginning of the lesson, or email me to arrange a convenient time for the conversation.

Guidelines for your lessons:

1. Come 5 minutes early into the studio. If possible, use the bathroom at home before coming to your lesson. Quickly & quietly, get your violin out and be ready to tune.

2. Cut your fingernails, rosin your bow and put your shoulder pad on.

3. When it is your turn to observe others playing, please do so by listening respectfully.

4. When it is not time to play, please hold your violin quietly. We work on the discipline of listening and respecting the "call and response" of practicing a new skill.

5. Parents, if you bring siblings, they must stay with you at all times. There are books, toys, a card game & markers for your use, otherwise, please do not disturb the materials in the classroom. If your child's sibling can cooperate, they’ll be welcomed, if not, you’ll have to make other arrangements for them.

Special Events: Performing is an important part of learning to play an instrument. Students are encouraged and expected to participate. We have several opportunities to perform each year: The farmers market, the Celtic festival, local jam sessions and fiddle contests.

Your instrument should be maintained in good repair at all times! This includes having a spare set of violin strings, in case you break one. I can help with minor repairs like setting a bridge or putting a new string on.